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Why Use AIDA

  1. We provide our staff members with up to date training to provide your sales consultant with the latest skills needed to market, promote and negotiate on your behalf for the maximum sale of your property.
  2. We constantly improve and update our technical department and resources to ensure that that the right buyers for your property are easily found, tracked and stayed in contact with, to ensure the quick sale of your property.
  3. We strive to present you with advances, modern, innovative and unique marketing campaigns to maximise the exposure and intensity of your home and it's attractiveness.
  4. We have a large, growing database of current and future buyers which includes a number of investors looking for properties just like yours.
  5. We provide our clients with up to date market knowledge which includes constant reports relating to open house inspections, walk-in, internet and phone inquiries of buyers looking for properties like yours.
  6. We focus on professionalism when dealing with marketing and advertising; we always ensure that our clients’ money is not wasted on “bad”, “useless” or “unnecessary” advertisement.
  7. We predominantly focus on you, the client, to ensure that our goals lineup with yours, and ensure that whatever campaign your sales consultant presents you will suit you current budget and circumstances.
  8. We demand high legal, ethical and moral standards from all our staff, fellow colleges and partners.
  9. We care about our clients, staff and community, always striving towards a better future for all and keeping their interests at heart.
  10. We utilize all resources including multiple listing opportunities at all times, to ensure that your property is exposed to the largest possible market with fellow agencies that also uphold the same legal, ethical and moral standards and keep our clients’ best interests at heart.

AIDA Code of Ethics

Our agency is committed to doing the right thing. So that you, the property consumer know what we stand for, we are placing the code of ethics which every employee of AIDA Real Estate pledges to uphold on public display. This enables us to deliver services to Toowoomba and Australian property consumers above the minimum standards required by legislation and professional association regulations.
  • Act in the Client’s Best Interest
We will always be fair to all parties but shall at all times act in the best interest of the party with whom we have an agency agreement: our client.
  • Retain Confidentiality 
We shall at all times retain and respect the confidential and privileged nature of our dealing with client and the public at large.
  • Defend the Public
We will always be prepared to defend our actions, services and activities in a public discussion with local property consumers, the media, clients and the local community at large.
  • Comply with the law
We shall at all times comply with all governing legislation
  • Comply with professional bodies
We shall at all times comply with all by-laws, rules and regulations of all professional bodies of which we a re members.
  • Comply with Business’s Policies
We shall at all times comply with the policies, systems and procedures of AIDA Real Estate International.
  • Reject Uncertainty
We will not give any proposed action, service or activity the benefit of the doubt. If we are uncertain as to whether it complies with our Code of Ethics, we will reject it.

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