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AIDA Real Estate recommends either of two methods for successfully marketing property in the Toowoomba area.
a)                      For Sale by Public Auction/Tender
b)                      For Sale by Private Treaty

  • 30 Days Marketing - No Price
  • Auction Day - With Price
  • Reserve Price - 30 Day Marketing
Auction has been around for hundreds of years as a way of selling all sorts of things. When it comes to Real Estate, Auction is gaining momentum as the preferred way to sell across Australia.  In some areas up to 80% of all homes sold have been sold by Auction.  This is not true in Queensland, but it certainly is a method that people are considering more and more. When there is an identifiable excess of demand, an Auction has no peer regardless of the State or City.

Auction as three phase advertising campaign.

Phase 1
The first phase of an auction process is to market the property to the market without a set price. It is your decision whether or not we can provide the prospective buyers with information regarding to the CMA.The marketing is quite intense with several inspections, newspaper advertising, major signs, letter box droppings and a send out to the all interested buyers. The market does not know what the price is, but this doesn’t stop anyone to make an offer that you may either accept or reject.
Phase 2
The second phase is the actual auction day, this involves the preparation of the property, assigning a successful auctioneer, gathering prospective buyers,overseeing the auction process and ensuring a constant communication between you and the buyers. If the maximum price is less than your minimum reserve price you can either accept or reject the highest bid, the highest bidder on the other hand also have the opportunity to accept or reject your reserve price. 
Phase 3
It is very important to understand that only approximately 15% of properties sell on the actual auction day. This is why the next 30 days are very crucial. The major advantage that you have is the fact that you have a clear indication of the average price the market is willing to pay. As the price is revealed on the auction day the next 30 days are also a very intense time, marketing your property for the following30 days with a price to the same sources as Phase 1.
Among other things is the combination of these three that you use as a strategy throughout this process that we believe is Auction's biggest strength.
Auction has the highest potential for the best possible price. Bidding by buyers can only increase the price, whilst buyers negotiating on priced properties attempt to decrease the price.
Auction allows you to set the terms and conditions of sale, not the buyer 
Auction gives your property more exposure than most other methods and encourages, rather than discourages, the widest possible scope of buyers because it has no price.
Auction uses the most reliable indicator of value -the market itself- Avoids the risk of setting high or too low a price on your home.
Auction initially targets serious buyers and cash buyers. Auction creates urgency amongst interested buyers, by imposing a deadline, to inspect the property and arrange finance.
This is the most common form of selling Real Estate in Toowoomba. Due to the consistency in the local market, prices for the majority of properties can be readily established.
The advantage of selling by private treaty is the fact that the buyer is aware of the asking price and in certain circumstances may be able to bargain for a better price, unlike the Auction method where there is no price set.
Local buyers have been well educated on this form of buying Real Estate,being able to compare properties and establishing a market value through comparison, they also feel comfortable to make an offer on a property knowing the seller will generally negotiate down from the asking price.
The disadvantage of this method is the possibility of either over or underpricing your property. The other disadvantage is also that this method allows the Buyer to dictate the terms by which the offer is made. Together we can help you achieve the best possible terms and ensure that your property is not over or under priced to ensure a valued buyer is found and your property is correctly marketed.

2. Marketing

To successfully market your home you need to satisfy the 3 P’s





The next step is of up most importance,selecting the right real estate agent to effectively market your home, to sell it fast and for top dollar.

Placing a sign on your lawn is not enough to get your home sold. Today it requires aggressive marketing and a team approach to get homes sold.The first priority is to let all other agents know that your home is for sale. We will immediately list your home and accomplice it as a multiple listing, making your house accessible to others. We have a list of over 40 willing agents.

Our marketing continues with consistent advertising in real estate publications and newspapers, and of course our sign on your property will alert those driving by that your home is for sale.

  • Innovative Marketing Strategies
  • Strong Sales Skills
  • Team of Dedicated Professionals

To generate results it takes innovative marketing strategies, strong sales skills and a team of dedicated professionals. No one individual can accomplish this on their own. This is why our approach will work in your best interest to get your home sold in the shortest amount of time and for top dollar.

3. Selling Price

You have control over the two most important factors that will ultimately determine a buyer’s decision. These are appropriately pricing your home, and getting your house into top shape to show its value.Let us first take a closer look at pricing:You will want to price your house to reflect its value in comparison to other homes in its price range. These are the homes that buyers will be comparing to yours.
  • TOO HIGH = Low buyer interest
  • TOO LOW = Loss of revenue
By running a computer search of how other homes in your area are priced so that you’ll gain a clear idea of what value to put on your property.Pricing your home too high or too low could have negative effects of a buyer’s interest. Since there is more than one factor in determining the right price, it is important to look at all of them. For example economic stability of the marketplace and the number of houses actually being bought and sold will determine the value of your house.
  • SIZE
Location,size and price become the primary factors for buyers in deciding whether or not to consider buying your home. When a buyer visits your home it will be safe to assume that your property has already met some of these criteria, they will now place a value on your home by comparing it to others they have seen or are considering buying. Since buyers determine value mainly by method of comparison, it becomes very important that you do the same. By knowing how other homes in your neighbourhood are priced, you will be at an advantage to be able to strategically price your home to attract the most amounts of buyers in the shortest amount of time.
Competitive Marketing Analysis
This can all be done by doing a Competitive market analysis or CMA. This computerised report will outline which homes most similar to yours have sold, as well as how many are on the market, knowing what price buyers are willing to pay is very important when pricing your home. This analysis report also outlines what homes have not yet been sold and what homes have just been listed. This information will give you an idea of what price your home will be expected to sell.
  • Comparative Study
  • Homes in your area
  • Homes not yet sold
  • Homes just listed
  • Market value of your Home
Remember that the most interest for your home will be within the first two to three weeks that it is put on the market. This is a critical period,since all buyers are excited about finding the latest homes that are being sold
If your home is priced above its market value it might end up on the market for longer than necessary and any real interest will soon trail off. Your home may be perceived as a stale listing or poor value for the money. Often seller will then have to under price their home to offset the time that it has been on the market and regenerate interest.
If a house is overpriced it will not attract the buyers that might be interested in what it has to offer. Since buyers usually consider homes in their price range your home might not have as much to offer to others that it is compared against. In fact overpricing most often makes other homes in the same price bracket perceived as having better value than your home. Remember a reduced price listing does not generally produce the same excitement as that of the home just listed.
 As we just discussed, pricing your home correctly is very important. To help you do this properly we have prepared a computerised printout of what homes in your neighbourhood have sold for and together we help you establish the correct asking price for your home the next step is to prepare your home to sell. Through our many easy and inexpensive tips to look at we are going to sell your home for the most amount of money and in the least amount of time.
Best Practise 2-2-7 Rule
Research with past satisfies sellers tells us that there is a simple three point rule indicating the appropriate time to vary the asking price.
This rule is known as the Best Practice 2-2-7 Rule. There are two conditions which must be met before this rule can be applied.

1.     The property must be well presented
2.     The property much be professionally marketed to attract the attention of all current prospective buyers in the price range.
Provided these two conditions have been met, research indicates that residential real estate achieves its best price if the asking price is varied when there have been two ads and no response, or two open houses and no shows, or seven inspections and no offers.

4. Promotion







Virtual Tours 



Properties listed with AIDA Real Estate will be advertised on the following sites
www.realcommercial.com.au[Commercial Properties & Businesses only]
Feature listings are also available for a small fee on www.domain.com.au and www.realcommercial.com.au, for more information contact your local AIDA Real Estate agency 

TV & Radio

TV & Radio advertising are also available for those who are interested. Packages& deals are available, contact your local AIDA Agency to find out more.
More information is available on any of these advertising options. Call your agent or fill in the application form to get your copy of a Marketing Packages Information Booklet

5. Presentation


When your home is for sale, its outside appearance becomes extremely important. The first impression of your property will determine how a purchaser will perceive the rest of your house, make sure that the lawn is mown and that any trees or shrubs have been trimmed. Planting flowers can add colour and warmth to the front of your house.
Pay special attention to the front entrance, here purchasers will get first up-close experiences with your home.You may want to repaint your front door or replace the doormat. Make sure the doorbell and all exterior lights are all in working order. Replacing the mailbox may also present a tidier feeling.
Inside the home there are a number of factors to consider. A feeling of spaciousness becomes critical, since painting interior rooms are relatively inexpensive, you may consider neutralising your home by repainting it with light neutral colours. This may help purchasers imagine how their own furnishings or design ideas will apply inside your house.
Clearing out closets will emphasise ample storage, you may want to rent a small storage space to store excess furniture,books or other items that may clutter the garage or living areas, replace burnt out bulbs and replace any exposed extension cords as this may imply inadequate electrical outlets.
Items such as dripping taps, cracked windows and squeaky doors should be fixed, if these are neglected, it may lead a potential purchaser to believe that there are other more expensive problems such as roofing or heating and cooling systems. 
Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms, as they will be closely scrutinised, they should be clean and spotless. Fix chipped sinks by applying a layer of enamel, clean the linoleum,tile or hard wood floors, if carpets are dirty or noticeably spotted then have them shampooed.
When showing your house, make sure to keep the blinds open and turn on all lights, even during the day time. This ensures a bright and airy feeling. Be sure to set the temperature to a comfortable level and allow for proper ventilation.
Although you may still be living in the house, avoid having too many people around when the house is being shown, this will make your home feel smaller and could also make a purchaser feel uncomfortable.

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