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Frequently Asked Questions



Does AIDA mean anything?

We get asked this question very often, and yes A?DA does stand for something.The music enthusiast in the Australia would already know that there is an extremely well known symphony named A?DA in Europe. Our television advertising, as some may have noticed, also contains some music from this particular symphony.
For the more sophisticated marketers this word always springs to mind as a well studied acronym explained in every marketing lecture, meaning:
A for Attention - drawing the attention of a particular market
I for Interest - creating the interest from the market you have grabbed the attention of.
D for Desire - creating desire in the interested parties of you market
A for Action - leading your desired, interested market to action. 

I have seen the TV ad, what music are you using?

The TV ad's classical music in the background is a piece of the AIDA symphony's pieces and is very popular around the world. 

How long has AIDA been established?

Aida Real Estate was established in 2006 by Piet Potgieter after owning another franchised Real Estate office in Toowoomba. After one year of training and developing a system to sell properties, administer and auditing office procedures, Piet and his fellow developer Jako created what now is known as the AIDA system which all offices are using as a base of trading. The system is very thourough and has many facets that makes it so unique.

Do you have an office in my area?

AIDA Real Estate (QLD) currently have offices in Toowoomba East and West with several negotiations currently in place to expand across the South East Queensland, Queensland and the whole of Australia. Apart from offices located on the darling downs there are also several mobile agents forming part of the AIDA group servicing specific areas.

Do you plan to start offices in my area?

AIDA offices are starting up all around Australia, although the base of all AIDA offices are located in the South East Queensland area, negotiations are also underway to create AIDA Real Estate (NSW) and AIDA Real Estate (VIC). Several potential offices in the Northern, Eastern and Southern Brisbane areas have been established and offices should be opening soon. In the South East Queensland area there are also several towns that are currently under negotiations to start a new AIDA Real Estate office.

What makes AIDA so different?

AIDA has done things a bit unconventionally. Instead of creating one strong office that makes numerous sales, AIDA has started by creating a test office that tested all its current systems and upon approval implements them and as such creates a working system that can be duplicated through all its offices. AIDA intends to provide a systemised approach to Real Estate where a client always receives the same quality of service, not matter which office they use. AIDA continuously trains their staff to keep them up to date with the latest technology is set on a positive change for the future. 

How can I join the group?

AIDA has numerous opportunities for enthusiastic and motivated people that are willing to learn and better themselves. For more information have a look at the careers page or if you are interested in starting an office contact the AIDA Corporate

How do I start a career in Real Estate?

Real Estate is one of the only occupations that can be very rewarding financially and also fulfilling without having to have a university degree to start. To have a successful career in Real Estate you need to be self motivating, willing to learn and willing to move outside your comfort zone in order to progress, meet new people and create relationships.
The starting point of any new Real Estate salesperson is to complete their Basic training course thought a recognized training institute like the REIQ. Upon completion you need to have a written authority from a fully licensed Real Estate Agent who will be willing to employee you. At this stage you can submit your results, your authority papers and all other required forms to the office of Fair Trading in Queensland and upon completion of your application you will be granted a Sales Persons Certificate which will enable you legally to work in a Real Estate office.
Once you have received your license you have to complete several authorisation papers, registers and employment agreements between you and your selected agency in order for you to be able to work for the office. Any AIDA office will provide you with a minimum of 2 weeks training once you have received your certificate, during this time they will teach you:
  • how to generate a network of referrals;
  • how to use their systems;
  • how to use any required software;
  • minimum standards and customer service;
  • residential sales 101
  • goal setting 101
  • personalities 101

I have a business, how can we become a partner with AIDA?

AIDA Real Estate has several opportunities for offices to become partners with a particular office. There are numerous opportunities for a partner office of the AIDA Real Estate group. Whenever a promotion is held within the AIDA office we will start by approaching partner offices who might be interested in having part of the promotion. We also have a dedicated area on each particular office's website where the partner can have a logo uploaded, a link to their website or email address and their physical location if they wish.
In order to become a partner of the AIDA group or a particular office you are required to submit a written request or email to the corporate office in which you can state your involvement with the office and why you would like to become a partner. The corporate office may request some information or make a proposal to the person or company requesting partnership and will outline exactly what they will be receiving and what will happen as soon as partnership is granted. 

Is this a good time to put my house on the market?

It isn't very strange that any Real Estate Agent get asked this question. Agents work with properties every day, we keep a close eye on the market and can follow trends but still can't say with any certainty if this particular time is a good time in the market trend to place your house on the market. We have experienced that although the market is at some particular times down or low, some properties still sell for a very reasonable price while other properties may not sell as fast. The best action you can take is to make sure you are ready to sell you property, if you are ready do you homework, talk to several Real Estate Agencies and ask for their opinion on your home price. Basic human nature has shown us that all buyers wish to buy at the lowest possible price (getting a bargain), all sellers on the other hand wish to sell at the highest possible price (making a profit). This advice can either do you alot of good or alot of damage, selling a property at the right price will mean that you sell the property faster which could mean in the long run a massive profit, where as selling the property for too high or too low a price will mean you may lose the markets interest very quickly and may result in a loss.
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How should I go about putting my house on the market?

The best possible thing you could do at this particular moment is deciding why you would like to sell your home. Get in contact with a Real Estate Agent you can trust and discuss with them the process of selling your property. This may differ from agency to agency, if you wish to contact an AIDA Real Estate office they will provide you with at marketing report which will outline the basic steps you could take to successfully sell your property in the shortest amount of time and for the most amount of money. If you would like a copy of this report just contact AIDA Real Estate by phone or email and request a copy or leave an email where the copy could be sent.
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Is it better to take my house off the market for a while when I didn't get any interest, list with more agents or just list with one Agent?

We have been asked this question by several people.  There are several ways of listing your property with agents, these ways may differ from state to state but in Queensland you have an option of Open, Sole or Exclusive agencies. If you listed with an Agency and did not get the results you requested ask yourself prior to making a decision:
  • Do I really want to sell my property?
  • Did the agency follow a plan to sell your property, and did you see the plan?
  • Did they market my property correctly?
  • Did they keep me informed of their progress?
  • Did they actually perform any tasks that could have led to a sale of my property?
  • Are they honest and ethical?
  • Did they actually do what they said they would do?
  • Is my property priced correctly?
  • Was my property presentable?
  • Was there any interest in my property while marketed with the particular Agency?
If you answered no to any of the above questions you should look carefully at how you can fix that particular problem. Ask yourself if it is you that have to fix the problem or is it the Agency that have to fix the problem. If it is the agency, have a look around your local area and have a chat to some of the other Agencies. If the agency has done everything in their power to sell your property and has had some interest and is constantly marketing your property it would be unwise to remove them from marketing your property.
AIDA Real Estate believe that it is better to have one agency marketing your property correctly than 10 agencies not doing anything to market the property at all. Before listing with any other agency discuss the above questions with them and see if they have a plan and the capacity to sell your property.
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Why do I have to pay to advertise my house?

Recearch has shown that the majority of all properties sold through any agency is due to vendor paid advertising. Currently the Queensland office of Fair Trading and Real Estate bodies are debating a controversial issue regarding Agency paid advertising. According to the latest arguments it is stated that any Agency paying for advertising has a vested interest in selling a property. That is why the Agency may not always act in the clients best interest in achieving the highest possible price, to be able to recoup his costs for paying for advertising.
Real Estate Agencies are still running a business, although the amount received for the sale of one property is higher than most retail outlets, the overheads in regards to operating the business still have to be covered, this makes it impossible for an agency to advertise all their listed properties or businesses. It is impossible to sell a secret, although any agency will do its best to attract buyers, very few agencies actually have buyers particularly interested in your property. The idea is to make as many people aware of your property as soon as possible and that is why you will get the best result from paying for advertising. 
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Do you sell commercial and businesses?

Yes AIDA Real Estate sells residential, commercial, rural, land and business. We have qualified and fully trained personnel that will assist you in the sale of any form of Real Estate transactions. 
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