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A Career with AIDA REAL ESTATE offers everything. It's the people in the company that make the company. Our purpose is to grow the group through the growth of our people and support staff.
Chasing your dreams?
  • Frustrated with your current agency/employment? 
  • Frustrated with your current circumstance?
  • Struggle to complete your full license?
  • Want to run your own office but dont know how?
  • Dont want to have the hassle of running a Trust Account?
If your answer is yes on any of these questions you need to speak to us. Let us show you how easy it is to own your own agency and earn 100% commission even on a Sales Certificate. If this doesnt interested you what would? 
We will provide you with:
  • the know-how to open your own agency
  • the training to get you started
  • the systems to run your agency
  • a contact management system 
  • advertising on www.aida.net.au, www.domain.com.au and www.realtyonline.com.au
  • a franchise agreement
  • help on all your financial support services at a fee
  • the knowledge to be Office for Fair Trading compliant
Contact me immediately on 1300 243 200 or 0407 745 088 and ask to speak to Piet Potgieter.
AIDA Real Estate are offering new people to the property industry the opportunity to qualify them to hold a salesperson license and to continue with a career on a structure that can lead to the top of the ladder. As your career progresses, options and opportunities change your entire relationship within the Group.
Other companies offer "the best financial rewards" which may suit you now but what about your long term career planning. How long before you out grow this short term rewards due to your expectation to be the best in the market.
Join our team and we will help you to reach your maximum potential. We will help you develop your skills so that you may earn the level of income you desire.
Your business prospers into the future is going to be dependent on the decisions you make today. Perhaps the biggest and most important decision you need to make now is the selection of the right company to take you into the future. We will use the latest technology to assess your skills and create a training program customized to your needs.
A career within AIDA REAL ESTATE offers endless opportunities across a wide variety of positions:
  • Receptionist
  • Secretarial
  • Administration
  • Human Resources - Recruitment
  • Business development - Legal and Statutory Compliance
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Information Systems
  • Marketing
  • Property Management
  • Sales
  • Management
There are different levels to join our group for qualifying candidates. If you've got what it takes to become the number ONE agent in the country and you put "The Client First" and are sensitive to the needs of your clients both personally and professionally then you are the person who needs to speak to us.
Successfully buying and selling real estate is mostly about fulfilling people's needs, dreams and aspirations. With our Group, all agents must participate in AIDA REAL ESTATE training, conferences and REIQ recognition training programs to equip you to be the best and preferred agent in your area. Our business is based on our philosophy to create a culture of growth. We encourage internal promotion, so where your career takes you to within the group is certainly up to your own development. To be able to offer this we created an environment where our people can achieve what ever goals they set for themselves within the group where the success of every individual is put first and foremost. We believe that although skills are very important, your attitude and ability to assimilate with our culture and vision are vital. Add to these attributes an intimate knowledge of the local and current property trends, a solid work ethic plus well developed negotiation skills and you have the perfect recipe for "What we touch turns to SOLD".
Depending on your experience and qualifications you can join us on any of the following sales levels:


To be employed to sell real estate or act as a property manager, you must be registered with the Office of Fair Trading.
To be eligible for this registration, you must be at least 18 years of age and be working for a licensed real estate agent. To become registered, you will need to complete a course recognized by the Office of Fair Trading.
During your cadet ship you will undergo initial training provide by are recognized institution, which will enable you to apply for the salesperson license as per the Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act 2000 (QLD)
Remuneration will be in accordance with the applicable reward for Real Estate agents. You will have the benefit of a salary while you are learning.
During this period all cadets will undergo continuous training supplied by the Group Trainer. You will be part of a sales group with interaction on all related topics to equip you for your career. During this cadet ship you will be required to show progress in your ability to list and sell properties successfully.
At the end of your cadet ship or as your experience increases in your field you will be rewarded for your success. If you achieve sales levels that enable a commission to be paid once the salary component has been covered, you will then become a full commission rewarded salesperson.
Should you decided not to become a salesperson, positions are also available in the Asset/Property Management and Administration divisions. These positions can be wage related or full commission only. More details on the Cadet ship and other positions can be provided on request.


We are currently experiencing an increase in requests from owners to manage their investment properties. Due to our commitment to provide a UN-compromised service, our asset/property management division is searching for motivated and experienced people to join our team where we are setting standards in property management.
Your ability to service a busy and continually expanding portfolio, grow the current rent roll and support our Vision and Mission, may open the door and allow us to offer you the opportunity you had waited on which will allow you to grow and shine.
You will be rewarded with an attractive salary and commission structure.


If you prove during your cadet ship that you have an affinity with the property industry and you opt-out of the award wage, you can become a commission only salesperson. However if you are already a fully licensed salesperson you can also apply to join us on a commission only basis. You'll receive up to 60% rebates of the commission negotiate for any particular sale, depending on your previous experience and knowledge of the market you are trading in. You will have the opportunity to be financially rewarded appropriate to your level of effort. We have strong leadership and  have the ability to mentor and guide you with advice. You will be part of a loving and caring family where a team environment exists with openness and honesty. You need to agree on continuous training, attending sales meetings and conferences. You will act under the authority of the principal of the business.


Any fully licensed salesperson with the ability to manage staff can become a team leader. As a team leader you will have your own sales team and will be responsible for their day-to-day support and motivation in conjunction with the group support trainer.
Commission of up to 60% of the agreed commission is negotiable for your own sales plus commission on your team income. As a team leader it will be required from you to conduct meetings with your team and to attend management meetings in the Group. You need to agree on continuous training.
You will act under the authority of the principal of the business.
If you prefer to work in a small professional and positive team environment, and attending meetings and related administration matter is not your cup of tea, and you want to do what you do best? Sales? Consistently creating high income you can still join the group on this level and the office will support you with your sales related matters. Settlements and follow-up work will be done on your behalf. No meetings to attend and you can work on your own and reporting to the principal.


Any fully licensed salesperson with the necessary ability and experience can join or progress to this position within the Group.
As Sales Manager your responsibilities will include but not be limited to the success of your sales team and to make your sales budget.
The position can either attract a highly attractive salary or salary plus bonuses or salary plus commission. As a Sales Manager it will be required from you to conduct meetings with your sales team and to attend management meetings in the Group. You need to agree on continuous training.
You will act under the authority of the principal of the business.


To become a Branch Manager you need to be fully qualified and hold a Real Estate License. The purpose of continuous training is to motivate salespersons to become the holder of a Real Estate License. As the holder of a Real Estate License you will be able to advance to the top of the ladder of your career. Not only to be employed as a Branch Manager but also to become a principal of your own business or to become a director in the Group.
As Branch Manager your responsibilities will include but not be limited to the success of your branch and to meet your income and expenditure budget. The position can either attract a highly attractive salary, salary plus bonuses or salary plus commission.
As a Branch Manager it will be required from you to conduct meetings with your staff, to identify training needs and to attend management meetings in the Group.


We are able to offer two excellent commission structures for Sales Executives.


The first option is to join our group on the basis where you will have the opportunity to earn up to 80% of all commissions you are writing with no desk fee.


The second option is to join our Group as independent contractor. This model will allow you to secure a high commission. It permits a pay out of 100% of the commission earn from any type of sale. You receive 100% commission and pay only for the costs of consumables and a set desk fee, which covers your share of the fixed cost of the business and the franchise fees. Administration assistance can be provided in the form of follow up on settlements and recovery of outstanding deposits and recoverable costs at a fee.
In both cases you must hold a Real Estate License to be able to qualify for these positions. You will operate entirely independently. Imagine what impact this could have on your life and income. You will have the opportunity to be rewarded appropriate to your level of effort.
As you run your business already, by sharing cost of Web Pages and related necessary software you can only benefit from such model. You will have the freedom, trust and independence you deserve. The business will be yours and you run it your way. If you read this far then surely you must be interested in what we can offer you. The next best thing to do is to pick up the phone and phone us or send us an e-mail.
We understand that the real estate industry is very competitive and that confidentiality is important. Your inquiry on information on how to start or become part of the groups will remain confidential.


  To apply for a position at AIDA Real Estate - Grantham Please fill in the following form and submit the form or print the hard copy version provided below and forward the form on to the office's mailing address or fax.
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